We have worked on a smaller set of projects than you might expect, but this is only because our projects are successful and our clients keeps us constantly busy!


iGrooveNext.com, promote and distribute music worldwide. With more than 10 years of experience in the music industry, igroovenext.com is one of the biggest players in the digital music distribution niche.

This enterprise level project offers musicians a digital playground, where they can upload, distribute, sell and promote their music worldwide, in shops like iTunes, Spotify or Google Music.

On a technical level, the project was built from scratch on a custom build PHP MVC architecture using the latest technologies available such as Google Cloud Engine and Google Cloud Storage.

The project was started in 2012, being one of the most challenging and successful projects in the company's history.


iGrooveNext.com, promote and distribute music worldwide. PICSTARS was founded in 2014 and is one of the top 10 tech startups in Switzerland (Venture Leader 2016). Their mission is to digitize the sponsorship of brand ambassadors with a focus on athletes.

With PICSTARS, Brands can discover suitable talents as brand ambassadors who use their own social media channels to communicate with their fans.

In the PICSTARS cockpit, companies can directly create campaigns and measure their success.


iGroove.ch, sell your music with a fair commission rate. We love music. iGroove is an online fair-trade shop which offers a digital marketplace for music lovers.

One of the key features of the shop is that buyers can support their favourite artists with a freely chosen amount of money(above the predefined minimum).

After deducting a fair (8%) commission the remaining value is credited to the artists account on iGrooveNext.com.

The design of the website is fully responsive, having an easy to use interface for all devices. The store has dedicated music download flows, based on the device of the customer, including an iPhone app, called SMSTracks


totaltattool, the ultimate tatoo workshop tool. Whether you want to manage appointments, inventory, ongoing projects, client information, or artists commissions, Total Tat Tool makes it quick and easy to be in total control of your studio’s administrative tasks.

Anytime, anywhere, without installation processes, and completely independent of the operating system you use. With features such as sync compatible calendars, your schedule can be accessible from virtually anywhere.

Total Tat Tool is a reliable companion for you and your studio. By the industry, for the industry.


peliti.ro, price comparison engine. Peliti.ro is a price comparison engine built from scratch on a custom MVC/PHP architecture, hosted on three servers with replicated databases and using SphinxSearch as a search engine.

The project is capable to host more than 100 millions of products, updated on daily basis, published in 20 comparison websites worldwide and handling approx. 2000 requests per second.

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