If you are looking for a service provider that's capable and willing to deliver high quality, affordable software solutions, in timely manner, you're in the right place.

  • Develop enterprise PHP applications
  • We use the Laravel PHP frmework
  • We use all the benefits of HTML5
  • We are jQuery/Javascript experts
  • We know angularJS
  • We always ensure that our database is well optimized
Central office located in the heart of Debrecen

The office

Our main office is located in the old-town of Debrecen, close to the city-center. Debrecen is the second largest city in Hungary, located on the Great Hungarian Plain, 220 km east of Budapest.

Team of professional developers

The Team

We are doing software for more than five years now. Starting off with solid education we have gained a wealth of knowledge over time. Our team combines expertise with flexibility, professional solutions with state of the art programming. We constantly look for innovative solutions.

Enterprise PHP Applications

The work

We focus on developing enterprise class PHP web applications using the latest frontend technologies, combined with agile communication and development methodologies.

Constantly hiring new talents

The jobs

We're always looking for new talent, fresh or experienced. So, if you want to join our team, visit our careers page or drop us a resume!

Meet the team

Mészáros Csaba Ádám

CEO / Software engineer

Started his IT career in 2005 based on solid education with master degree in computer science. Founded the company in 2015.

Mészáros Lilla Laura

Senior web developer

I have attended computer science classes at “Bábes Bólyai” University, from Kolozsvár. I started working as a web developer in 2010.

Molnár Zoltán

Web developer

Joined the team in 2016, Zoltán is a key developer in the iGroove team with excellent PHP skills.

Maier Erik

Web developer

Erik was one great pick in the first round of recruiting right after founding CodeLinks. He is our certified Laravel expert!

Gosztonyi István

Web developer

In love with Laravel, ES6 and SASS, I'm trying to build a beautiful digital world.

Bodó Máté Ádám

Web developer

With a Computer Science degree in his pocket, Máté started his developer career at CodeLinks in 2018.

Lovas Rita Barbara

Frontend developer

Student at the University of Debrecen, Rita is currently attending courses in our Full-Stack developer program.

Bedô Norbert

Web developer

Graduated at the University of Debrecen, majoring in Software Engineering. I have joined the team in 2018.

Lizak Fabio

Junior web developer

The advantages

Long story short. Why us?

  • Quality

    We believe that quality derives from up-to-date know-how, strong professional principles, real customer-orientation and solid experience. We've got them all.

  • Human touch

    Even though we work in a digital world we never forget to be human. We treat our clients with respect and empathy, as this is the foundation of solid, successful relationships.

  • Passion

    We think that work without passion, is slavery. That's why we always do our work like we would do it for ourselves, because one pixel difference is almost nothing, but still not perfect.

  • Prices

    Our goal is to offer quality at an affordable price. Software was invented to help companies through efficient solutions and not to drain their budgets through sky-high development costs.

How to reach us?

Office: 4029 Debrecen, Bercsényi Miklós street 91.

Phone: +36 20 368 1824

Email: info [at]

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